Don’t Do It

Yeah, that’s pretty much what I do, and regret it everytime.

I am THE WORST for playing Google MD. It’s awful, really. Nodes on my liver? Yeah, I have liver failure. Unbearable stomach pains? Ulcers. Non-stop headaches? Brain aneurysm. Cramping in the lower abdomen when pregnant? Baby’s growing in my Fallopian tube.

Of course, all of the above have never actually happened, but that’s what you’re led to believe when you’re a paranoid person like  myself and Google your symptoms. So – from now on during this pregnancy? No more Googling my aches and pains!! Seriously. It’s causing more stress than needed.

That’s today’s life lesson, folks!

Do you self-diagnose and regret it?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Do It

  1. Ugh, I google symptoms WAY too much! My family jokes that WebMD is my homepage. (it’s not btw…haha). Surprisingly during this pregnancy I have been pretty laidback, but today I have been getting lower abdominal pain that is kinda freaking me out. But just know…it is totally normal to have aches and pains since everything is stretching out!



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