Seven Quick Takes

1. How is it already December?? It seems like this year has flown by!! It certainly doesn’t help that I’ve kept myself extremely busy though, with wedding planning, moving and whatnot! I’m pretty sure this year is going to be over before I know it, which is sad. It’s true – the older you get, the faster time goes by!

2. Is it wrong to say that Kyle and I miss our townhouse a little bit? Really, a lot happened in it during the short 14 months we were living there! The proposal, roommates, new jobs, the wedding … As much as we hated being attached to our neighbours and how little space we had, we miss that little bugger! I just hope our tenant keeps the townhouse in order.

3. Kyle and I are thinking about getting our Christmas tree this weekend, but I’m concerned about it drying out and needles falling all over the place before Christmas even gets here. What do you think? Should we wait another week or just go for it? All my decorations are sitting in the living room, and I think it would help make our new house feel more like home!

4. Life in general is going SO awesome right now, I wish I could share all the wonderful little details! I’ve been busy doing freelance work for a local property management company, on top of my regular freelance work, AND I finally got to cover as a reporter at work on Wednesday, which led to me getting a byline in the paper yesterday. It was pretty overwhelming and exciting! This week has been pretty amazing.

5. One of my bestest friends is FINALLY coming home in about two weeks! I’ve missed her dearly and I’m looking forward to finally getting some “girl time.” I love Kyle to death but sometimes I just need girl talk over coffee dates!

6. I’m going to take home tour pictures this weekend! Well, I may do a video, but I haven’t decided. Either way, sometime next week you’ll get a tour of our new place! We probably won’t have furniture yet, but oh well. You’ll get the idea!

7. Kyle and I are going to have our very first house guests stay with us this weekend. Friends of ours from Princeton (BC, not the university town in the US!) are coming to stay Saturday night. They had just moved into their first house on October and we went and visited their first weekend there, so they’re coming to see our place. I’m looking forward to showing off our new place!

I just realized the majority of this post was about my house. Oh well.

When do you put up your Christmas tree?
Did this year go by fast for you too?
Should I do a house tour in photos or video? Most votes win! 

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. My Dad insisted that Stephen and I get a real tree this year, so he bought us one. We just moved into our house, and we obviously haven’t unpacked yet, so it’s currently hanging out in our garage. I was worried about getting it so early, but I really wanted to be able to decorate it with my Little Brother next weekend. I say, go for it!


  2. How exciting…your first houseguest. I’m sure you two will be the perfect hosts. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. usually, friends are just happy to have a free room to stay in.

    As far as the tree…tough call. I say go for it. Grind up some aspirin and add it to the water and make sure you add water daily. Usually that works for me.

    I agree, December or 2011, flew by so fast. I’m kinda sad…but excited about 2012.



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