Seven Quick Takes

1. Yesterday I successfully bought and prepared enough food for our company barbecue. I don’t think I’ve ever bought that many groceries all at once EVER. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, so I deem the whole thing a success! Go me!

2. I just finished watched the original Footloose on TV. Ahh, the 1980’s! If only I was born earlier so I could truly appreciate it. Kevin Bacon is amazing. I have serious doubts on the remake though.

3. I’m more than certain that I didn’t blog about this, but in case you missed it on Twitter, my stove broke. More specifically, the glass top broke. By a salt shaker. A $1 glass salt shaker. The glass cracked from the top right all the way down to the bottom right burner. $400 to replace JUST THE GLASS! So – I went shopping and my new range arrives on Tuesday.

4. As a result of the broken stove top, cooking has been a challenge. Who knew I used it so often? No pasta, no ground beef … nothing! If anyone has some recipes that don’t involve cooking anything on the stove – PLEASE – Send them my way!

5. I’m still contemplating doing book reviews on the blog. Nothing too critical or anything like that, but I’ve been going through so many books right now that it just feels like it’s something I should do! Thoughts?

6. Kyle and I are SOOOO close to picking a house. We really don’t know what to do at this point. Wait a couple months and then make an offer or jump on the opportunity now before the house we wants goes. Decisions, decisions!

7. I saw this the other day while I was sitting at a red light. You better believe she had a toddler in the backseat and was wearing (what appeared to be) a pink Juicy Couture track suit. And apparently the back read “Crazy bitch.” As a coworker said, “Her mom must be so proud.”

Keep in mind I live in a small city, so this is a little ridiculous.

So – Recipes? Books? Playboy?! Happy Friday!

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