Obligatory “Thankful for” List

It’s Thanksgiving Monday today in Canada, which means most of us Canadians are probably still suffering from a tryptophan coma. While the actual holiday is today, the majority of people have their family dinners on Sunday. Not in my case! I’m heading up to my dad’s for lunch and then going to my mom’s for dinner. Sadly, Kyle has to work, but he can expect a giant plate of leftovers! Lucky man :)

And now, for the obligatory “Thankful for” list:

This year I’m thankful for…

… not having to cook turkey dinner today, because the glass of my flat-top stove is broken.

… living in a¬†relatively spider-free house (the interior anyway).

… having a happy, healthy, and even mildly “simple”, dog.

… my amazing husband who sticks his hands in possibly spider infested tomato plants to get me ripe tomatoes.

… our Realtor who’s all about finding the perfect new home for us.

… my mom, for being an amazing woman.

… my dad, who’s always there with a jar of homemade soup.

… my family in general, for showing so much love towards Kyle and I on our wedding day.

… my friends, for understanding who I am and accepting it.

What are you thankful for? (Even if it’s not your Thanksgiving weekend!)


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