House Hunting, Round 2

Just over a year ago, Kyle and I bought our townhouse. Basically, we just needed somewhere to live, somewhere to call our own. We never truly intended to stay here for more than five years, and after learning a lot about living in a townhouse complex we’ve decided it’s time for a change.

Now, with better paying jobs and a better handle on our finances, Kyle and I are moving up! For the past few weeks we’ve been going through houses with our Realtor, talking with our mortgage broker, and we’ve now narrowed it down to two houses. Two!

Kyle likes one house more, and I like the other, but they’re both in our top two. We’re taking my mom to look at both of them again tomorrow to see which one she likes better (she doesn’t know who likes which one!)

So, House #1 has A/C and four bedrooms. However, it has a small backyard and most of the property goes up a bank that won’t ever be able to be developed. It has a small kitchen but it’s closer to the school.

House #2 doesn’t have A/C, has three bedrooms, and a really open layout. It also has a (much) bigger backyard. However, there’s only two bedrooms upstairs and the kitchen, living room, and dining room all share the same space. But, the kitchen is AMAZING with a giant island.

Neither house comes with (or at least lists) the washer and dryer. Both houses are within the same distance from the highway and are priced the same.

Now, decisions, decisions – like whether or not we want to sell our townhouse and port the mortgage, or rent out the townhouse until our term is up (which would be in a couple of years) and then sell.

The running joke between Kyle and I is that I have White Girl Problems. I really don’t know which house we’ll pick. I love them both – can I have two?

2 thoughts on “House Hunting, Round 2

  1. I didn’t know about ‘porting a mortgage’ that’s interesting!

    I vote for the one with a/c… it was a cool summer here and I still regretted not having any a/c and we spent many nights sleeping with NO blankets and still soaked in sweat. Imagine how much it’ll suck going through the summers with a newborn and no a/c :P

    Good luck choosing! Can’t wait to see photos of the new place.


  2. Oh! How fun. I totally know how you feel. We bought our house to get the first time home owner’s credit. It’s a duplex and our neighbors are the worst! Sadly we still have a little over a year before we can move. Good luck!



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