How is it Wednesday??

Long weekends throw me off so bad. Like yesterday I forgot that it wasn’t garbage day and woke up panicking that our bin wasn’t at the curb. Nope – today I got to wake up in panic instead.

Monday night right as I went to bed I forgot that I had a chiropractor appointment Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning I forgot that I had slo-pitch after work and I had to forgo my epic meal plan for the night.

And just now I thought it was Thursday. Oh my, how I’m scatter brained.

I’m hoping I get my silly brain back on track because I still have a bazillion appointments to go to in the upcoming weeks, like a trip to an actual hair salon (not a chain salon like I usually go to). I’m a little scared as I’m going to change the hairstyle a bit and add BANGS. It’s a lovely thing that hair grows back, mine seemingly at a rapid pace. Kyle doesn’t even know what bangs are. This could be interesting.

We’re also having new windows installed in a couple weeks. Cha-ching, but needed. It will be nice to be able to actually open our bedroom window.

Anyway, I’m going to go figure out what freaking day it is. This post was random and unnecessary.

What day is it in your brain?

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