Ten on Tuesday


1. What temperature do you keep your thermostat on during the day?
In the summer when we’re home it’s usually set to 22° C (71.6° F). I can’t remember what we set it to in the winter. I don’t want to think about the cold weather!

2. What temperature do you keep your thermostat on at night?
I like to keep it at 23° C (73.4° F) but Kyle usually turns it down to 22° or 21°, depending on how hot it is outside.

3. In a canister of mixed nuts, do you pick out certain varieties and leave the others?
I always pick out the cashews and leave the rest! I’ll eat an almond or two if they’re in there. I’m not a huge fan of salted nuts though.

4. What is your favorite kind of M&M?
Pretzel!! OMG SO GOOD!

5. How do you buy books? (Amazon, bookstore, new, used, electronic, etc)
Usually at the bookstore. Sometimes I’ll order them online if they’re all out at the bookstore though.

6. How do you like your eggs cooked?
I usually order them poached or over easy.

7. Can you whistle?
I can, but I can’t do that crazy-loud whistling. Never have been able to, never will!

8. What common word do you always misspell?
Convenience. I just had to spell check that.

9. Are you afraid of flying?
Not really. I can’t look out the window while we’re landing though. Terrifies me.

10. How often do you go shopping?
I’m assuming this means going clothes shopping, in which case, not very often. I’ll maybe go two or three times a year, but it’s usually just for a couple things. Since I finished school, I don’t to “Shop ’til I Drop” trips anymore.


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