Home Reno’s: And. We’re. DONE!

After three weeks of the upstairs of our townhouse being an absolute war zone, our man cave/computer room/future baby room (no, we’re not expecting, FYI rumour starters!) is DONE!

Two weeks ago we got the flooring put in. (Luxurious dark bamboo hardwood laminate!) Last week we got the door and trim painted and put up (or down I guess for the baseboards). It has been such hard work – and not even for me – for Kyle. I have done pretty much nothing in that room, not that I’m complaining. Kyle has been awesome making that room look fabulous. I’m not even going to take any credit for it, except for the caulking around the baseboards – that was alllll me! I’m a master caulker. (Insert dirty joke here)

Anyway – Pictures pictures!

(View the “Before” and “After Paint” photos here)

So, after the caulking had dried we went out and bought a new TV stand and a new desk for Kyle and voila – the room is done and Kyle is happy to have his “Man Cave” back in running order.

Now we just need to have new windows installed and hang new curtains. I swear reno’s never end. Next up is the spare bedroom when our bank account replenishes itself a little bit.

Do reno’s every really end? Really?

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