When Mosquitoes Attack

So, at the beginning of the month Kyle and I went to his friend’s wedding out in the middle of nowhere. Well, kind of nowhere. It’s a little nook at the end of a gorgeous local lake called Seymour Arm. It was sunny, it was hot. It was a two hour drive into Mosquitoville, BC, Canada.

I kid you not. I was eaten ALIVE. I’m pretty sure I’ve whined about this a couple times already. Or maybe a few dozen. Anyway, it sucked. Luckily, the itchiness only lasted a couple days and now I just have lovely red marks all over my legs. Hopefully they go away soon, because my legs are looking less than sexy. Not that I’m saying that they are sexy to begin with, but whatever they had, it’s gone now.



Anyway! Back to the wedding!

It was lovely and sweet, simply and low-key. There were maybe 40-50 guests, so Kyle and I felt really lucky to have been invited. And other than the long drive down a dirt road and the mosquitoes everywhere, the scenery was fabulous. I just wish I was more handy with my camera so I could’ve taken better shots!

Regardless of my photo skills, here are some photos from that weekend, and congrats to TW and Heather!

3 thoughts on “When Mosquitoes Attack

  1. The mosquitos are horrible in Edmonton – I’ve been taking Chloe for 5 minute walks because that’s all I can handle with the swarms of mosquitos chasing us! Love the wedding pics :)



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