WTW: The Ceremony

Oh, oops, I kind of forgot a week there, didn’t I? Anyway, to continue on with my wedding day series, Let me tell you about the ceremony …

I can’t remember who gave me this piece of advise, but it was definitely great: As you walk down the aisle, look at your soon-to-be husband and only him and it will help calm your nerves. To that person, whoever you were,  thank you!

As I made my way down the aisle to Kyle, I didn’t take my eyes off of him. My whole body was tingling with nervousness, but looking at him kept my emotions in check. As I reached him at the end of what seemed like the longest walk ever, he told me how beautiful I looked. Still, no tears. I don’t know how I went through the whole ceremony without crying, to be honest. My mom cried, my MIL cried, I’m sure my grandma cried, and one of my lovely bridesmaids confessed she cried during the whole ceremony (Don’t worry, you didn’t ruin the photographs! I promise!).

What I do know is that the whole ceremony is a blur, and it’s a good thing our marriage commissioner gave us a copy of our ceremony “script” because I don’t remember what I said 100% (awful, I know!). But – I do know that the wording was perfect and reflected us a couple to a “T”.

The best moment of the ceremony was finally being able to kiss Kyle as my husband – and as an un-rehearsed wedding kiss, it was pretty fabulous ;)

We walked down the aisle, together, finally, after eight years of growing together, as husband and wife. We stepped into a backroom of the ceremony venue and that’s when all my emotions that I had suppressed throughout the entire day finally let go. I cried an extremely happy cry. Kyle was shocked and asked what the matter was, but I just told him that I was so happy and in love and that all my suppressed emotions finally couldn’t be contained. And that was it for the day – no more tears and nothing but happiness for finally being married to the wonderful man that I love.

Next week I’ll try to remember to post about the reception!

For now, I’m going to FINALLY share with you (most) of the photographs that our amazing photographer, Jo LeFlufy, took during our wedding day. Just click this link and it will take you to my Facebook wedding album – and feel free to friend me if you’d like to comment :)

Our Wedding Photos

If you’re married – was your ceremony everything you imagined it to be? If you’re not – what do you envision it being like one day?

2 thoughts on “WTW: The Ceremony

  1. Our wedding ceremony was everything we wanted it to be :) Well, except for the part where I lost my voice and had to mouth my vows … I LOVE your wedding photos!



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