Friday Bullets

I’m too lazy to link up for Seven Quick Takes today. Instead, you get bullets.

– Kyle and I went to a wedding last weekend and I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I also took a lot of photos that I haven’t edited yet. When I do, I’ll share them!

– I was asked to work on a new project at work – I’m pretty excited! That’s all the details you get though, until it gets off the ground. Sorry :)

– My amazing wedding photographer Jo wrote up such a sweet post on her blog about Kyle and I’s wedding day. It made me tear up a little. Please stop by her blog and give it a read – you won’t be disappointed! And – there’s a few photos in her post that aren’t included in my Facebook gallery.

Okay, so you only get three bullets. Which is sad because it feels like I’ve been ridiculously busy lately. *sigh*

Happy Weekend!

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