Seven Quick Takes

1. Today is Canada’s National Holiday – Canada Day! (I know, we’re so original, but why complicate things?) That means – Day off of work! My mom and I be heading down to Riverside Park to take in the sights and sounds of Canada’s Birthday. Every year there are tons of artisans, musicians, vendors, and multi-cultural sights to see. It’s pretty much my favourite day of the summer! Then, we’ll go for lunch at a delicious restaurant downtown. Yay summer!

2. Saturday Kyle and I are heading out to a wedding at a lake a couple hours out of town. One of his closest friends from high school is getting married, so it should be a fun day. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the drive. Kyle gets off of his last night shift that morning, so I have to drive – his truck. Yeah, it’s not much bigger than my car, but that truck is his baby and I don’t want to hurt it! Hopefully he’ll just sleep the entire way there.

3. Although it was a short one, I seem to have survived my first week in my new position at work. So far, I’m loving it. It’s quieter, I’m managing to keep myself busy, and I feel like I can really learn a lot. And I definitely can’t complain about the wage!

4. I’m slowing getting all the photos I chose back from my wedding photographer and can’t get over how amazing they are! They should all be done in a couple days and I can’t wait to share them! I’m currently looking for a program to make my own coffee table book out of our photos … thus far I’ve only found one for PC – Book Smart by Blurb. Oh, if I only had a Mac – I’ve heard iPhoto is amazeballs. So – If anyone has any suggestions for photo-book making software, let me know!

5. I’ve decided that you’ll never know if you’re ready to have children until you get pregnant and they’re here. Except a full post on this topic in the near future.

6. I’m willing to pay someone to come brush my dog on a daily basis. With the weather getting warmer and warmer, she just keeps shedding and shedding. It’s horrible. Sure, she’s fluffy and soft, but the hair – oh my word, the hair. It’s falling out everywhere!

7. Oh, and speaking of dog hair – remember when I said how my laptop was acting up? Well, I took it to the computer store, and the fan was all jammed up with dog hair. Figures! It’s all better now, and she runs so much quieter! Now to get my mouse fixed … it’s never ending for me!

What are YOUR plans for the long weekend? (And Happy Forth of July on Monday to my American readers!)

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