Seven Quick Takes

1.  Amber has asked me: “What was your favourite moment from your wedding day and if you would’ve changed anything at all?”

I honestly have no idea if there is one specific moment that I loved the most because it was all so amazing. If I had to pick just one, it would be meeting Kyle and the end of the aisle and finally being able to see him on our wedding day. I think at that moment we were both the happiest we have ever been.

And as far as changing anything, I don’t think I would’ve changed a thing. Everything was perfect and I haven’t got a single complaint. Even the weather was gorgeous!

2. We crammed about 25 people into our tiny little townhouse living room for our gift opening the day after the wedding. Let’s just say the air conditioning was cranked and we were all very cozy!

3. I was so sad to see most of our wedding party go home on Sunday. We had such a great time with all of them! It’s a good thing I held a couple of jackets hostage though so they have to come back and see me. Ha! I’m cleaver like that.

4. I am noticing this is turning into a wedding Seven Quick Takes. Let me re-route my train of thought: I am FINALLY leaving Job #2 for good at the end of the month. Please note the “for good” part. I’ve quit and come back to this job twice and I swear I’m not going back to it again. I love my co-workers there, but the work pains me in a way that cannot be described. Go me! Seriously – give me a high five if you see me.

5. The polish from my pedicure has survived a week without being chipped. What kind of super-powered polish did that woman use?! Too bad my fingernails are all skanky looking. Oh well, can’t have everything, right?

6. Kyle and I set up our new patio set in the blistering sun. Probably a bad idea. We got 90% of it put together and I thought I was going to pass out. It looks amazing though!

7. I’m really hoping the Vancouver Canucks hike up their hockey socks and get back into the stinkin’ game. We are soooo winning the Cup this year! Let’s Ruin the Bruins! (Cheesy, I know, but that seems to be the theme of this year’s playoffs. 3venge? Blackhawk Down? No Way Jose? You get my point) But – Go Canucks Go!

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. Taking jackets hostage IS pretty sneaky! I don’t know what’s up with the Canucks – honestly, boys, get your heads back in the game! If Boston wins again tonight my husband is going to be horrible to live with.


  2. I’m SO glad to hear your day was so perfect :)

    And YAYYYYY for leaving Job #2! That is super exciting!!! Did you get on full-time at Job #1 or do you just not need the extra income now that you’re not planning/paying for a wedding anymore? Either way, BIG congrats!! Will be nice to have extra free-time this summer, too :)



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