Friday Bullets

  • I am absolutely exhausted and have no energy to do anything. I blame whatever illness I seem to have at the moment. Awesome phlegmy throat sickness. I just want to take a hit of Nyquil and sleep.
  • I am so done with April Fool’s Day. (Who made the rule up that it only goes ’til noon? THANK YOU!) Luckily, I was not pranked by anyone. There were a lot of clever ones out there though! (*cough* Amber *cough*) My best April Fool’s joke I think was when I put Saran Wrap over the toilet bowl when I was little. My dad didn’t think it was so funny though …
  • Kyle has survived his first set of work at his new job! It’s quiet the adjustment, but I think he’s starting to like it!
  • I get to see Mel tomorrow and I’m pretty excited about it! We’re going geocaching and I’m also pretty excited about that.
  • On Monday my wedding will be two months away. AGGG! (I just figured out that it would’ve been a hilarious April Fool’s joke to tell everyone that the wedding is off. Oh well!)
  • The weather outside is rather dreary. The other day I was geared up to buy patio furniture and drink margaritas. Today I want to have a hot bath and just focus on staying warm (Again, that’s probably just my sickness talking)
  • While I enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy last night I’m still not too sure how I felt about all the singing. Dr. Hunt signing was just awkward. Same with Carev. And Sloan. Okay – the only person who’s singing I liked was Torres’.

Thank freaking-GOODNESS it’s Friday!

What did YOU think of Grey’s last night?

Did you pull any pranks or have any pulled on you?

3 thoughts on “Friday Bullets

  1. I didn’t think it was that bad! I actually thought it was really cool. Sara Ramirez has a beautiful voice, and that acting! She’s awesome!
    I pulled a few pranks! Besides the one on the blog I pulled the same prank with one of my best friends and I also pulled a prank on 2nd period. Had them going for a few minutes thinking that we were having a pop quiz! :P



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