To the Big League

This is my special announcement that I had mentioned a couple times!

Kyle got a new job at a MAJOR production mine right outside of town (about 40 minutes). He’ll be welding up a storm at his dream job. Working at this place is like a goal for anyone with a trade living in the area. The wage and benefits are freaking amazing. Full medical and dental? Yes please!

Kyle had the job interview in November last year, but we kept it hush hush until we knew exactly if and when he got the job. He passed the interview, passed the medical exams, passed the aptitude tests and got a letter in the mail saying he would start as soon as there was a vacancy. That vacancy showed up a couple weeks ago, but because the job is union, it had to be posted internally for a week. Boo! That was the longest week ever!

But, last Wednesday he got the call, and he starts at the end of this month! We’ve been calling this his call to the major league. Today he’s giving his notice to his current employer. :(

I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be hard to adjust to everything at first. He’s going from a Monday to Friday job to a 4×4 shift with two day and two night shifts. Also, the drive to work will be twice as long, although there are a lot of carpool opportunities, and it’s just a BIG PLACE. Kyle’s also really going to miss the people he currently works with. They’ve been amazing to him, especially his bosses, so the next two weeks is going to be hard.

Also – because of the 4×4, it just so happens to work out where his first day shift is the day of our wedding … I have no doubt that his future boss will let him have the time off, but we can’t help but panic a little bit. Everyone I know who works up there says it won’t be a problem, but you never know! He’ll have a different foreman than them, so who knows. Fingers crossed!

So there you have it! My special announcement – no babies included!

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