Seven Quick Takes


There’s a stinkin’ blizzard outside right now! It’s windy as heck, there’s snow falling, and it’s COLD! It was even hard to breathe while I walked from my car to the gym this morning. Brr! I plan on staying inside for as long as possible today. Daphne, on the other hand, just wants to be outside.


Kyle is a pretty huge movie buff so we like to play 20 Questions with movies when we can’t fall asleep. Usually he stumps me and he always figures out my answer within 10 questions, but last night – I won, haha! I guessed all three he had for me and I even stumped him on one of our favourites – Super Troopers! I may brag about this one for a while.


There was a woman wearing JEGGINGS at the gym this morning. If I could multitask/had a better camera phone/be more incognito I would’ve taken a picture for proof. I can understand tights, but jeggings? Ridonkulous!


I FINALLY have wedding favours figured out! Whew! I was browsing for ideas and had an “AH HA!” moment when I seen them – Chocolate covered pretzels! We’re going to make them ourselves, the chocolate covered part, that is. Delicious! We’ve also finally started picking out our music for the “main” songs. The hardest will be the mother/son, father/daughter dance. Everything is so cliché! We also have the best song ever for the wedding party. Everytime we knock something off of our “to-do” list it gets me more and more excited about the wedding.


My dad JUST called and told me I can get my new phone today, and then get a new phone contract next week. Huzzah! Goodbye, POS flip phone!


Even though Kyle and I pretty much just bought our place, we can’t help but keep looking at real estate. We’re already looking into what and where we want our next house to be. It will definitely be our “child-raising” home, lol.


This will probably make me sound like a cranky old lady, but the “kids” (See: College students) next door to us are SO LOUD. I’m more than certain that it’s Reading Break and they’re just partying. Last week they were yelling outside as they got home from the bar at 3 in the morning. Last night, it was loud music while I was trying to watch Big Bang. Oh well. They eventually turned their music down, and they didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night, so I won’t complain too much.

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