Morning Person

I’m actually so NOT a morning person. I like to lounge around all morning on the couch and sip my coffee while I wake up. So when I went and signed up for a new gym membership (at a different gym than the last one I went to) I got the idea in my head that I’ be all tough at get up when Kyle goes to work and gym-it-out first thing in the morning. Hell yes!

So yesterday morning, I dragged my ass out of bed and got ready to go. Kyle chuckled at how bleary-eyed I was, I groaned and told him to get to work.

Really, once I got up and moving, it wasn’t so bad. My sleepiness wore off quickly as my heart rate increased. (Sidenote: How accurate are the built-in heart rate monitors on the machines? It told my my heart rate was “high” but didn’t give my actual rate. I have no idea what my heart rate was when I was exercising a year ago)

Verdict? I think I could be a morning person three times a week so I can get my butt into the gym. For now I’ll do cardio and hopefully I’ll be able to get the guts to use the weight machines. (I am totally shy to use the weight machines on my own.) Maybe I’ll even get a lap-pool friendly bathing suit and do some laps afterwards (String bikinis are not rapid-swimming friendly. Hell-oooo boob exposure!). Maaaaybe I’ll even start getting up earlier than 7 a.m., but lets not push it ;)

Are you a morning workout or evening workout person?

3 thoughts on “Morning Person

  1. Ugh, I am SO NOT a morning person. My problem is I cannot get to bed before midnight. It’s like my body just doesn’t want to do it. I’m going to have break this habit soon though…


  2. I wish I could be a morning exerciser, but I work at 6:30 so I have to be an afternoon/early evening, which works because it gives me that energy boost I need! :)

    But congrats on joining the gym! And I’m sooo afraid of the weights at gyms. That’s why I have hand weights, easier to do at home!!



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