WTW: Anticipation

A couple weeks ago, I put together our wedding invitations. Buying a kit was probably the best idea ever, although there were times when I wanted to throw in the towel. Like, trying to figure out which way to feed the envelopes into the printer, or cutting zillions of blue ribbon because the black pre-cut ones that came with the kit just didn’t match our colour theme, or jamming the printer by feeding an RSVP card in too fast and mucking up three whole cards. Oy! But it all worked out, and it was cheaper than hiring someone to do them for me.

Last Monday, I mailed our wedding invitations away. Now, I’m worrying over whether or not people will receive them, RSVP on time, and actually accept. I know I can’t count on everyone I invite to tick the “Accepts” box instead of the “Regrets” one. As much as I’d love to have everyone we invited there to share our special day, it probably won’t happen.

That being said, there wasn’t one invite that was sent out of courtesy. Every single one of those invites went to people who we actually want to be there. Figuring out the final invite list was so. hard. It was a matter of where to you draw the line. Cousins? Great-Aunts & Uncles? 2nd Cousins? And then what about old friends – do you invite your best from from elementary school but had a huge falling out with, or do you invite one of your favourite coworkers instead?

I’m nervous to see who accepts our invitation. In fact, I’m more nervous about that than trying to figure out what to give our guests as favours. (Something I’m still stumped on, but we’re leaning towards something edible)

Do you get worried about who will or won’t RSVP to an event you’re hosting?

Quick post-schedule update: Tuesday we received four RSVPs in the mail. Four! I was so nervous to open them!

2 thoughts on “WTW: Anticipation

  1. It’s always so exciting to get RSVPs! Well, the “accepts”, at least. We had to invite SO many people to our wedding that we didn’t even know, because my in-laws know practically everyone in the city and had to invite alllll their friends because they were invited to their kids’ weddings. But they paid for the reception, so at least we didn’t have to feed them all :D



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