WTW: The Dresses!

Ahh, probably the most important part of the attire, besides my wedding dress, was finding the bridesmaid’s dresses. Lucky for my ladies, it was relatively easy!

Monday I took the day off work (Yay banked stat days!) and I dragged C out to the one (and only! Yeesh) bridal salon in town. B was heading into town from up north (her dress is at a store in Kelowna), and Melissa was on stand-by via text/photo message, so it all worked out wonderfully! I’m so glad C was patient with me! I think I made her try on about a dozen dresses and we came out with two favourites, both agreed upon by C and Mel:

Ignore C’s awesome pink bra straps, lol!

The pros to these two dresses: Both the colours of the dress and the sash could be changed to whatever I wanted (which would be black with blue). The Cons? They were expensive. I didn’t want my girls to have to pay more than $200 for their dresses, and that just wasn’t happening at the bridal salon.

We decided to head up to the mall since that’s where we were meeting B and browsed in Sears to see if there was anything that would work. (Not so much) We then headed over to Le Chateau to see what they had, and bingo! C and I stared at the perfect bridesmaid dress!

C tried it on and it fit her perfectly. I sent photos to Mel and she liked it too, and then B showed up and also loved it! Woo! The great thing? They had everyone’s size right there in the store, so we were able to scoop them all up! Yay! ANNND they were a lot cheaper than the dresses in the bridal salon. Ha!

We’re going to see if we can switch out the little black flower for a blue one, if we’re feeling crafty enough. Hopefully we can find some pre-made fabric flowers to easily sew on. (If anyone knows of a place online where I can find some, let me know!)

I’m pretty glad we were able to find the dresses so easily! I was worried that they were going to be impossible to find and that they would take forever to ship. (My wedding dress won’t be here until the end of March! AGG!)

And, the best part? I got to visit my little niece while the girls tried on their dresses:

She’s getting so big!

Ah, and, I may as well tell you that B found bridesmaids dresses for her wedding party this past weekend too. The whole bridal party (minus me because I suck and live “down south” and the roads were horrid) went to Prince George to hunt for dresses. There’s five bridesmaids altogether, so apparently the hunt was difficult. (Especially with everyone being completely different body types, from XS to XXL!)

Anyway, this is the dress that was picked, same colour and anything:

I will say that it’s not something I personally would’ve picked out, but these aren’t for my wedding. I may die of heat stroke in this dress, but oh well. All in the name of duty!

Happy Hump Day!

9 thoughts on “WTW: The Dresses!

  1. The dress’ your friend picked look a lot like the one I wore for Eric’s sisters wedding! Not my favourite but pretty enough :)

    LOVE the one you picked – that is so awesome you found it so cheap too! I’m sure you will be able to swap out the black flower for your blue colour – have you looked on etsy?


    • I’m definitely going to hunt around etsy! I’m more than certain I’m already going to buy my girls’ gifts on there, as well as my garter, lol. I have a new-found love for etsy!


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