Identity Crisis (With some Link Love)

Okay, it may not be a crisis, but it’s definitely something I think about quite often: What “kind” of blogger am I?

I’m not a cooking or baking blogger, like my baking idol Angela (seriously – she whips up some amazingly tasty looking stuff!), but I do like to whip up amateur gourmet food every now and then. And I do love food.

I don’t have a baby nor am I expecting one, so I have no fun baby/pregnancy stories to share, but I love reading Chelsea‘s and Danielle‘s adventures in motherhood.

I don’t run marathons or have a passion for yoga like Amber, but I do kind of try to exercise.

I am getting married, but like a said yesterday, I’m kind of in a lull when it comes to planning.

I don’t have an Etsy store and and not the least bit crafty, although I love the works of Mrs. Kyla Roma and Ritzy Misfit.

So, who AM I?

I love my dog, my fiancé and music. I love my friends and family. I love all things random and wonky, so I guess that’s who I am. Welcome to the blog of the random and wonky :)

5 thoughts on “Identity Crisis (With some Link Love)

  1. I’m the exact same way, girl! I wrote a post on this a few months ago but realized I’m just me. I thought about going in the healthy-living direction but honestly, I think I’m happiest at personal blogging and just blogging about me and my life. :)



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