WTW: Hurry Up and Wait

What does one do when they’re not working out wedding plans? You think about the time to come when it comes to working out wedding plans.

Right now we’re at the point where we can’t really proceed with wedding plans and details because the date is just a little too far away to do anything major. Invitation aren’t going out until the very end of next month, the cake doesn’t have to be ordered until a couple months before the wedding and the same goes with flowers. It’s a pain in the behind when you have everything planned out but can’t put it into motion!

So now, there’s the other little stuff that can be done: Picking out the boys’ tuxes (Which I’m soooo glad Kyle finally caved to go with. Did I mention he wanted his party to wear CARHARTTS? Lord have mercy …), finally figuring out favours, and picking songs for our entrance, first dance and the “Do Not Play” list (I love my DJ for this option!). I’m sure there’s a zillion things in between too.

I suppose the waiting game happens when you plan everything out within the first two weeks of engagement. I guess I just get excited, go in “Go Fast” mode, then wallow in boredom/anxiety while things to do pop up.

I guess for now I can cut up pieces of ribbon for the invitations. Fun! And I’m more than certain that I bought way too many. Womp womp … Anyone in the market for wedding invites?

5 thoughts on “WTW: Hurry Up and Wait

  1. When Stephen and I first started dating, he told me that if we got married, him and his groomsmen would wear their kitchen clogs. I told him that if he ever wanted to marry me, he better shape up. Haha! He’s also told me several times that he wants to wear a white tux,…which is making me nervous. Thankfully, I still have a while before I have to deal with that.
    I’m loving your new layout by the way!


  2. Congrats on the engagement! I heard that the engagement period goes by fast….faster than you think! Enjoy every moment of it!

    Don’t worry about planning, I know you can do it. Your wedding will be FABULOUS!


  3. Oooh nice new layout! I just clicked over for the first time since you did it!

    Can I just say that I’m SPLITTING A GUT LAUGHING AT THIS: “Did I mention he wanted his party to wear CARHARTTS? Lord have mercy …”

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Seriously. That is so f-ing funny. And sounds like something Eric would do, which is why I’m laughing so hard.

    I’m so glad that he caved and agreed to wear a tux ;)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – you are a pro wedding planner! In one of your posts you should share details on your budget spreadsheet (not money amounts but like the layout of it) and how you organized all the planning. I’m such an organization freak so that sounds interesting to me :D


    • Thanks! It’s funny, when I mentioned the Carhartts thing, I knew that if there was any blogger out there who would know what I’m talking about, it would be you! lol!

      And I’ll definitely do up a post of my budget spreadsheet for the future! It’s SO handy, and I’ve even thought of things to add to it to make it easier to track what’s paid for and what’s owing :)


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