Seven Quick Takes

~ 1 ~

Last night I dinged up my engagement ring putting a frying pan in the drawer under the over. I was PISSED and felt so bad! Kyle didn’t think it was such a big deal, but I decided to take it to the jeweller today and get it buffed out. I figured I’d get it resized a little bit since it seems it wants to fall off constantly. Hopefully I get it back soon because I hate how naked my finger feels. In fact, I slid my promise ring on that finger so it didn’t look naked.

~ 2 ~

It snowed for nearly three straight days, except it wasn’t heavy snow, just light fluffy stuff that didn’t really stick. I think we only got a couple inches or so. Regardless, Daphne was pretty stoked on the snow:

~ 3 ~

I’ve found that I’ve lost a little bit of my desire to blog. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been busy with work and wedding planning, but when I do get a free night, blogging isn’t want I want to do. So, I’ve been trying to post at least twice a week. I feel crumby about it, but I’m sure ya’ll won’t notice too much. (And yes, I just used the word “ya’ll”)

~ 4 ~

Kyle and I have been trying to decide whether or not to combine our finances. One of the reason’s we’re hesitant is because I tend to be a spender and Kyle’s a saver. We’re also concerned about what we’d do should we ever split. Who gets what? We did have a joint account when we were saving up for our house, but we didn’t use that money for anything else. A REAL joint account would be a huge adjustment for both of us. Do any of you have a joint account with your SO? How do you decide what the money gets spent on?

~ 5 ~

Did anyone else watch Grey’s Anatomy last night? YAY Christina! Bailey, stop crying! I missed my Thursday night television!

~ 6 ~

After my mini-meltdown Wednesday, I think I’m a little bit calmer. I had a good chat with my mom, Kyle reassured me that we have plenty of time to do everything, and I gathered a lot of great ideas from my friends, blog comments and coworkers. And, my mom emailed me photos of me trying on my wedding dress to my work email, so I sneak peaks of them at work when its not busy. I can’t help but just feel excited to marry the love of my life when I look at those photos!

~ 7 ~

Tomorrow is the weekend! WOOO! That is all.

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. We have been having the same joining our finances discussions… Right now Eric just gives me a large sum of money every month to cover his half of things and I pay all the bills/rent/groceries. He pays for his own THINGS and we alternate paying for outings/fun/dinners out etc.

    That’s working for us right now but I’m sure eventually we’ll have to figure out a way to combine our finances and make it work.


  2. We’ve had a joint account since shortly after we got engaged. He makes a little more than I do but we’ve always considered it “our” money – all the bills come out of the same account. We discuss any HUGE purchases but we generally just buy what we want to buy, since we both know the budget and what we can afford.


  3. If separate works for you, sweet!

    If it starts to get annoying, I reckon try having a joint account for things like mortgage, groceries, bills that you both contribute a certain amount to.

    We don’t really have issues with spending – he has his own allowance or whatever you want to call it that he can spend on whatever he wants (he’s the spender). Bigger things (eg the GPS we bought) we talk about first to make sure we’re sure, and figure out how to pay for it.



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