Only 8 Days Left

So there’s only eight days until Christmas so I figured I’d finally post a picture of our “Charlie Browner” Christmas tree:

I guess it’s not too shabby looking for a non-cultured tree! I’ve always bought my tree from the same people every year; they rent out a little section of Canadian Tire’s outdoor garden area and they donate proceeds of tree sales to the BC SPCA – one of my favourite charities. Kyle picked this beauty out, and I think it’s the perfect tree for our first Christmas in our new house!

Onto other things Christmas, I have four more presents to buy and then I’m done. Way to leave it until last minute, I know! I’ve just been busy with life and lack of desire to get into the Christmas spirit, but putting my tree up and listening to Christmas carols at the same time helped me get geared up to shop.

And now for the question of the day: What do you do when people tell you, “Oh, here’s your Christmas present!” when you had no real intentions of buying them a gift as well? Buy them something anyway? Buy nothing? Smile and say, “Thanks! I still have to wrap yours!” and then rush out to buy something half-ass meaningful? Help!

7 thoughts on “Only 8 Days Left

  1. I usually say, “Ohmigosh, I’m so sorry! I didn’t think we were doing gifts this year. Can I buy you lunch/coffee/that-book-you-just-said-you-wanted instead?”

    I also try to contact everyone who may give me gifts well before Christmas, so we can mutually decide on whether we are exchanging and, if so, what a reasonable budget is for both of us.

    I’m far too rational about these things but it’s because I seriously have to budget everything out.


    • So, I’m a complete liar. This happened to me this morning, where a friend unexpectedly messaged me telling me I need to pick up my Christmas present. I called my dad and begged to borrow $50… (And of course, I thought of this blog post immediately. Busted.)


  2. Oh dear, I had this happen today! I had a Facebook message from someone asking when we could get together “and exchange gifts” and I was like… oh dear. Thank goodness there are still 8 days!


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  4. I usually say something about leaving their (cookies/cake/pie/bread) at home by mistake can I get it to them the next day and rush home and back something.

    I love your tree so adorable



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