WTW: The Budget

For today’s Wedding-Talk Wednesday post, I figured I’d talk about the budget.

To be honest, we didn’t really set a budget. Sounds like a bad idea right? Well, not so much. We have a MASSIVE spreadsheet breaking down our costs, how much we’ve spent, how much we still have to spend, and who’s contributing what.

We also have a “We don’t want to spend more than $x on _____” system. For example, I didn’t want to spend more that $1,200 on photography, $1,200 on my dress (which my Mom is paying half for, Thanks Mom!), or $800 on the DJ. I got all of those UNDER my limit – Woo! We also didn’t really want to spend more than $20/person for dinner at the reception, which we got under out limit. (Roast beef buffet with all the trimmings by a FAB caterer!) We’re also going to be “classy” and have a “Toonie” bar (That’s $2 for you Americans, lol). We buy the booze and all beer and highballs are $2 each. Much cheaper than having an open bar, and easier on our guest’s wallets.

Our ceremony and reception venues are also relatively inexpensive. The ceremony location is owned by the local heritage society and the reception location is a City-owned community hall. We chose the community hall because we could have whoever we wanted to cater, and we could avoid the high-liquor costs for our guests. (Kyle and I attended a wedding where drinks were $6-$8 because the venue provided the liquor!)

How do you budget a big event? (Such as a vacation or wedding)

9 thoughts on “WTW: The Budget

  1. Stephen and I aren’t even engaged, but we’re already talking about Wedding budgets. He thinks I should do it for less than $5000, I’m telling him I can’t do it for less than $50 000. Ok, so that last number is a little bit ridiculous, but a girl can dream, right?
    A toonie bar is a great idea!


  2. Good opn you for coming under for a lot of the costs. As an event coordinator, i know how easy it is to go over budget on details. And from my experience, 2$ bars at weddings are a damn good time.

    Are you not posting the places because a certain blogger threatened to crash it, or just out of discretion? Just curious ;)


    • Haha, a little from Column A, a little from Column B! ;) But, it’s mostly just out of discretion. Perhaps I’ll give out a few more details about the ceremony venue in a future post, since people have many misconceptions about it. (There I go being elusive again!)


  3. Twoonie bars are the best! Great call.

    Let me know if you want an awesome bridesmaid to tend the bar. I’m possibly the worst bartender in existence but I’m sure I can handle a few highballs…


  4. We had a lower budget wedding too! Luckily Winnipeg is a pretty cheap city – I got a gorgeous dress for $700 when the same thing in say Toronto would’ve been closer to $1500… we did a lot ourselves too (invites, table cards, programs, menus – let me know if you’re interested, I’m way cheaper than retail lol!) and EBAY & dollar store centrepieces – we got dollar store vases, filled them with sugar (to look like snow), scattered little glass gems all over the tables and orderd candles in bulk off eBay & the silver branches to go in the vases too. Centrepiece totals were probably about $13/table compared to the $100+ you see on wedding shows!


  5. I love that $2 idea! Wonder if such things exist here. I’d probably rather not bother with alcohol actually – my side don’t really drink and his are prone to overindulging, if you get my meaning.



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