Day 16

Dream House

I could make this post picture heavy, but that would be cruel to people whose work computers are slow, old dinosaurs and can’t do more than one task at a time. (Or maybe that’s just mine?) I’m just assuming I’m not the only one who reads blog posts at work!

Anyway, my dream house would consist AT LEAST of:

  • 3 FULL bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms (one can be an en-suite)
  • An island in the kitchen
  • A big backyard with a garden and a couple fruit trees (Cherry and Peach please!)
  • A balance of carpet and hardwood flooring

Really, I’m not too picky. I could go on and on about what colours I’d like, square footage and all that, but that’s boring!

Ten on Tuesday will be posted later!

Tomorrow: Something you’re looking forward to

2 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. What is a full bedroom? A double?

    I honestly marvel at the things you guys have in North American houses…built in AC? Equal bathrooms to bedrooms? Then again, new builds are getting increasingly opulent here too.


    • I guess a full bedroom would just be a decent-sized one. I’ve always had big bedrooms, I can’t imagine having a teeny one, lol.

      And I HAAATE the heat of our summers, so AC is a must. Call me a whiner, but it’s true.



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