Day 2

The meaning behind your blog name

There really isn’t a special meaning behind my blog’s name, although it’s origin stemmed from my the column I wrote at the little newspaper I used to work for as editor.

When my boss/publisher told me I could write a weekly column, I was pretty excited, although I was absolutely stumped on what to call it. I went home and told Kyle, and he suggested “Chatter.” At first I didn’t like it, but when you threw my last name in there, it kind of just flowed. It stuck.

Chatter, in the dictionary, is described as purposeless talk, which kind of fits this blog. I have no theme, so it works!

When it came to me starting up my blog once again, I kept the Chatter name. A few of my posts stemmed from my columns but went into more explicit detail and were more uncensored. I also wrote blogged about things my boss wouldn’t let me write about in my column.

So that’s the meaning behind my blogs name!

Tomorrow: My first love

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