For (A Different) Mike:

Yesterday I couldn’t think of anything to blog about for today, so I took to Twitter and asked someone to suggest something, anything, for me to blog about. Whoever tweeted first, that would be my topic. Well Mike, you won, and your topic doesn’t really surprise me:

Alrighty then Mike!

So I first met Mike last year at Job #2’s Christmas party. Actually, I wasn’t even working at Job #2, but I was C’s “date” so I went. My first impression was probably that he was loud, lol. C, for whatever reason, referred to him as “Mikey P”.  I have no idea why, because as it turns out, his last name doesn’t start with a P.

Let’s move onto that. I can’t pronounce Mike’s last name, which is awesome. Seriously! lol. I think it’s Greek? Greek last names are pretty awesome. With all the syllables, they’re a lot cooler than my wham-bam Chinese last name. Stombolopolous, Rockotopolous, Anacondasnakeoplous … I dream of evolving into at least two-syllable name…

Mike also does a pretty good Cake Boss impression, or may it’s just a good Boston accent in general. Also? His Jersey Shoreness is ridiculous. Fist Pumps? Check! He’s quiet a riot to go to the bar with. And he has some pretty wicked dance moves, lol

He’s also involved with a group at the university called SIFE, short for Students in Free Enterprise. Now, I’ll admit that I don’t know much about SIFE, but I DO know that they do a little bit of non-profit work, helping students and businesses understand their finances. That’s pretty awesome, and therefore, Mike is awesome. And he cleans up rather well, lol.

So I need about 30 more words on explaining why Mike is awesome…

When he was still working at Job #2, he was always super helpful with the customers. I’m pretty sure I read a couple comment cards in the past giving Mike mad props.

Alright! I think that’s 250 words, but really, words just aren’t enough to explain the awesomeness that is Mike. You really have to meet him in person! One of my favourite old co-workers, for sure :)

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