I have eight days to finish and submit my freelance stories. So far, I have five out of the 12 finished and emailed away. Three still need some more information before I can email them to my editor. That leaves me with four stories to conduct interview and write stories for. I’m starting to panic just a little, but I’m sure I’ll be fine since procrastination seems to be my middle name. Deadlines seem to yell and scream at me for the most part

Some day, eventually, I’ll get around to posting a video tour of my new place too. It’s so cozy and amazing, I can’t wait to give ya’ll the tour. I hope to get around to actually filming next week, as long as my house stays cleanish and I have time. Both of these may be hit or miss.

Oh, and if anyone knows how to freaking embed video into WordPress so it’s also viewable on any RSS readers (i.e., Google Reader), some tips would be grand. The last time I posted a video, I don’t think the video showed up in Google Reader, just a ridiculous link to YouTube.

I most definitely had something else to mention but my browser decided to spazz out and I forgot what I was going to say. Dammit.

And sorry for the boring post. I’m really struggling these days because I’ve been so freaking busy!

How do you dead with looming deadlines? And how the hell do you properly embed a video on WordPress?

Oh! And go say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Amber! She’s old(er) now! ;) Just kidding, I hope you have an awesome day Amber!

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