I’m Home

I’m sitting in my house, in my living room, looking out at my patio.

Things couldn’t be any more perfect right now.

Actually, that’s a lie. If the boxes could please unpack themselves, that would be great.

Our spare bedroom and computer room are both a mess, but at this point, we don’t care. I’m exhausted from the past couple days and all I want to do is sleep. But I love it. We had so much amazing help moving on Saturday; We got everything from one house to the other in about two hours! And the weather seemed to cooperate long enough for us to move the beds and couch.

Our digital cable and Internet are being install hopefully on Tuesday. Luckily, the cable and Internet are still working from the past occupants, so I can still do my freelancing/blog/be lazy. (I was feeling a little lost without it!) On Friday we’re going to have our phone hooked up.

Daphne is also good and settled in. Life’s just peachy :)

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