It’s Moving Day!

I wrote this post Thursday night while I steal the neighbour’s Wi-Fi connection. Kyle’s dismantled his computer and everything is unplugged except for my computer. I still need me some Internet at least until I get the motivation to pack up the last few things later on.

So I was suppose to get the keys to the place yesterday afternoon but the girl who be bought the townhouse from hadn’t received her money from the bank. She figured it would get to her by the end of the day, but alas it did not. Damn! So now I have to wait until some unknown time today to get the keys. Frustrating! I’m wishing I had taken the day off of Job #2 because it would make moving so much easier.

Hopefully all goes well with the Shaw Cable man this afternoon at the new place and we’ll have Internet all hooked up and ready to go. I’m planning a video tour of the place just for the blog too in the next couple weeks once boxes are unpacked and we’re a little more organized. (And when I have time! The freelance stories are still needing to be finished.)

Today is probably one of the happiest days of my life thus far. I still can’t believe we finally did it :)

5 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day!

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