Versatile Blogger

I got the Versatile Blogger award from Amber over at A Little Pink in the Cornfields. Thanks! Be sure to go check out her blog because she’s awesome :)

I think Amber said it best when she described her blog as inconsistent! I have the same feeling – I’m consistently inconsistent! Except for maybe Tuesdays, where I do the Ten on Tuesday posts hosted at Chelsea’s blog. I love all things random.

So, the rules are to accept, link back and thank the blogger that awarded me, then tell 7 things about myself and tag 15 other lovely bloggers. Here we go:

1. I love planting things but I’m horrible at remembering to keeping them alive! I have a plater full of flowers but I always forget to water and dead-head it. (Thanks Kyle for keeping up on that!) I’ve also killed a bamboo plant (yes, they are killable!) and my Dad has had to bring an African violet plant back from the dead.

2. I would say that I have a good eye for fashion, but I don’t necessarily wear high-fashionish clothes. I’m all about comfort! (And I write this as I watch What Not To Wear.)

3. I have a subscription for Cosmopolitan magazine and while I love reading it, I feel like the majority of the articles don’t apply to me (like “How to Land a Guy” or “10 Ways to Make Him Hot”). It’s probably because I’ve been in a relationship for almost 8 years now and I know what and what not to do. That and I don’t need to seduce a guy from across the bar.

4. I’ll let my dog crawl into bed with me even though she’s not really allowed on the bed. (Shh, don’t tell Kyle!) I don’t invite her onto the bed, but I don’t kick her off if she crawls up herself. She’s just so warm and snuggly!

5. I love a good cup of coffee, but I like to think that I’m not dependant on it. I went an entire week without coffee! Go me!

6. I don’t think I’m short (I’m 5’4″) but when I try on pants I’m always constantly reminded that I am. I had to buy a pair of dress pants from the Petite section. It did feel good not stepping on my pants when I walked though!

7. I’m always awake by 9 a.m. if I’m not up before then, even on weekends. 8:30 is usually when my alarm is set. Lately it’s been earlier because I’ve been working on my freelance projects in the morning before I go to work at 12:30.

And now for my tagged bloggers:

Musings of an Abstract Aucklander


I’m stopping at 11! I’m sure I’m missing someone, but everyone I follow is so awesome!

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger

  1. Aww thanks lovely!

    I don’t think I could ever work for a women’s mag. I despise the gossip rags, and the Cosmo type mags pretty much repeat their articles over and over again.

    As for forgetting to water plants, I’m the same! We just bought a really pricey planter box (to the tune of $40) but it’s self watering. Apparently. You pour water into the bottom and the earth/plants take what they need from it. It seems to work…



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