Almost There

We have a week to go before we move. A week! That’s 7 days! *insert happy dance here* We visit the Notary on Tuesday to sign all the paperwork. Hopefully it doesn’t take long and Kyle and I will be able to have a tasty lunch downtown before I have to work. We’ll see!

I’m more or less all packed. All that’s left to go are a few kitchen things and our clothes. Our moving schedule is going to go something like this:

Day 1/Possession Day: Pick up keys in the morning, move some stuff over in my car, leave Kyle a key, go to work, come home from work, move the essentials (kitchen, clothes, bathroom stuff), sleep at new house! We’re also having the cable/Internet installed the same day too, which is pretty exciting.

Day 2: Move all the big stuff. The beds, couch, TV and heavy stuff will be moved in. This will be the day were I just stay out of the way and let Kyle, his uncle, and his mom’s boyfriend move stuff. I’m just a weak little girl after all!

Day 3: Unpack boxes! I have to work at 5pm, so hopefully we can get it all done before then!

I’m soooooo looking forward to it all!

Anyone have any moving tips? Tricks? Horror stories?

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