Office Meerkats

Free food is great. Free food at work is even better, but sometimes I can’t help but notice that people get a little … crazy … when it comes to food up for grabs at the office.

Everytime I hear someone mention free food in the office, I can’t help but picture little meerkats popping their heads up looking for danger. Everyone seems to pop their heads up from their divided workstations (I wouldn’t call them cubicles) looking to see where/what the food is.

I’ve been able to practise caution when there’s food in the office. Usually, it comes in the form of cake or donuts, and I’ve been able to harness all the willpower inside of me not to have any. I already don’t exercise, and eating cake when I sit on my butt all day does not help. Still, I get asked a millions times, usually by just one particular person in the office, if I had a piece of cake/a donut/ice cream cake.

I’ll tell them, “No, I’m okay,” but that doesn’t seem to be a good enough answer. “Well why don’t you want any? It’s FREE,” they’ll say. “I just don’t feel like any, thanks.” “Why not? It’s not like you’re overweight!” (Umm, thanks, like I didn’t know that.) “I know, I just don’t want any.”

It’s just amusing how people are all vulture like when it comes to free food, but when they have to pitch in a couple bucks or so, they’re not so keen on anything. Me? I just don’t need cake everytime it comes into the office (which is surprisingly often). I even caved to the company barbeque thrown by our new publisher. I wasn’t really going to attend because it was before I actually started work and I didn’t feel like leaving early, but my supervisor convinced me and I did actually enjoy my hot dog.

Am I just being weird? Surely I’m not the only one who doesn’t fall for food everytime it makes a guest appearance at work, right?

Tell me I’m not alone …

4 thoughts on “Office Meerkats

    • No kidding! At Job #2, there used to be a girl who would take HANDFULS of chips, candy, cake, or whatever was in the staff room and stash it in her locker! It was disgusting!


  1. Sorry, I’m a vulture myself.

    Once a month there’s a bakeoff at work. It’s always on a Monday, my day off. But thanks to a special project, I worked this Monday and got to try all the lemon goodies! It was a little bit much first thing in the morning, but it was so worth it.



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