The No List

I’m jumping on the No List train today.  Basically, it’s a list of things I’m not crazy about that other people may be. It’s fun to see what others don’t like or “get” in a world of crazes.

So, here’s my list. They’re not all dislikes, but also things I just don’t understand and can’t be bothered to investigate. (Ignorance is bliss?)

Wine. It tastes like feet.
Kale or quinoa. It tastes awful.
Juicing. (Produce, not Lance Armstrong-style) Why not just eat an apple? Or a carrot?
Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.
Mad Men, Breaking Bad, or Game of Thrones.
The ChiveKeep calm and what?
Pointy fingernails. I don’t do my nails on a normal basis as it is, but having cat-like claws? No thanks.
50 Shades of Grey.
The smell of them bugs me and the pollen gets everywhere.

Of course, I’m not judging anyone who likes any of the things mentioned above. This is just my list of things that aren’t for me.

What’s on yours?

Day 10

Something I’m Afraid Of

There’s lots of things to be afraid of: Death, losing a loved one, falling terribly ill, the end of the world. We all have those fears, or at least it’s safe to say that the majority of us do.

Then there’s the little things. Some people are afraid of snakes, some people are afraid of spiders. These are the little irrational fears that we develop over whatever reason. I don’t have too many irrational fears, but there are a couple that I’ll mention:

  • Spiders. I hate them with a bloody passion. My preferred method of killing them is with the bottom of my shoe or with something with a long handle. Generally, I’ll kill them with anything I think that won’t let them crawl on me.
  • Semi trucks. There’s something about their size that scares the crap out of me. They have huge blind spots, they often drive like maniacs and they can kill you in an instant. Morbid, I know, but I just don’t like driving past them on the highway. It takes all my might just to pass them without freaking out. Now, I know not all truck drivers drive poorly, but I’ve seen enough to know that there’s a lot of bad ones.
  • Being alone. I like my quiet alone time, but the thought of actually being ALONE alone doesn’t sit well with me. I’m just glad I have an awesome family and a few great friends I can depend on.

So really, there’s not much I’m too afraid of. Heights don’t bother me, nor do snakes, the open sea or birds.

What are you afraid of?

Tomorrow: Favourite TV shows.

Easy Jacky Boy

If there’s one politician that terrifies me the most, it’s Canada’s NDP Party leader, Jack Layton:

Click image for source

It’s not because he’s never been in power or anything like that, it’s because one of the most awkward moments in my journalistic life was because of him.

Back in 2008, we had a Federal election. As part of his campaign, Jack Layton came to my university to spread the NDP love and try and round up some young votes. During the “pep” really, I sat front row and more or less centre just to be able to take good notes, since I was covering his visit for the student newspaper. Now, I’m not a NDP fan, actually, I don’t know who I’m a fan of these days, but I guess since I was sitting right there in the front, at the end of the rally, he force a handshake upon me. *gasp!*

I could see him coming, but there was no escape. I really didn’t want to shake his hand. I wanted to remain as non-partisan as possible. But no such luck. I was trapped. And I shook his hand. And a part of me died a little bit.

I don’t know why it bugged me so much. It was like making the Pope shake Perez Hilton’s hand. Just awkward. So ease up Jack, not everyone is eager to shake your hand. Some people are just there to report the news.

Happy awkward Monday :)