Seven Quick Takes


I landed a little freelance project within Job #1, and I’m pretty excited about it! My first assignment should be really easy, and it’s not due until the 26th, so I should be able to write a 500-word-or-less Q&A by then, right? Right! It should be a very amusing Q&A, to say the least.


The Roommate was in Alberta this week to try and find a job because a) He’s broke, and b) He needs hours for his welding ticket. Luckily, he found work in Edmonton, but sadly, he starts on Monday :( I’m a little sad to see him leave, and I know Kyle is too. As much as I like Kyle and I being able to have the house to ourselves, the Roommate never really felt like a roommate, more like family. On Sunday he’s packing up, taking the essentials and heading North-East. He’ll probably be back in September to get the rest of his stuff.

Also, it may sound horrible of me, but I’m not sure if his relationship with C will last very long depending on how long he’s gone. I could go off on a Dr. Phil-like tangent on why I think that, but I’ll save that for a different post.


Kyle and I may actually have empty nest syndrome come next week. As it turns out, Kyle’s sister is not moving back to Kamloops (she got a good job offer where she is now) and is staying. That being said, she’s coming down this weekend to visit and to take Molly home with her. :( :( I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but the strata rules at our new place only allow one dog. I’m sad that we have to let Molly go, but at least it’s just to Kyle’s sister and I know Molly will be more than loved with her.


We’re going to go watch The Expendables tonight (as long as Kyle’s not told he has to work tomorrow, phooey!). Too lazy to click through the link? Basically, it’s every 80’s/90’s action star thrown into one hot mess of a modern action movie. We’re talking Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, an appearance by A-Nuld himself, Jet Li, Jason Statham, and more. Oh hell yes! This is basically Kyle’s childhood dream.


Daphne had a bath about a week ago and she still stinks like lake water and wet dog. I’m not too sure why, but it’s too much work to bathe her again so I’m just going to let it go. One of these days I’ll take her to a professional groomer. She’s a stinky, matted mess when she doesn’t get brushed well.


I’ve decided that BC Medical is ridiculous because they just sent me a bill and they demanded I pay it right away because it’s overdue. Umm, what? You’re the ones who didn’t get my address right! Idiots. Anyway, I’m now $171 poorer. At least today is Double Pay Day. (I get paid from both jobs today!)


My mom and I are going to do a little shopping tomorrow and then she’s going to take my brother and I for Marble Slab ice cream. Yay! As a house-warming present she’s going to get Kyle and I some nice floor/table lamps, and she wants me to help pick them out (makes sense). My dad is getting us a deep freeze. My parents rock.

Happy Friday! :)

2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

    • Do you have medical coverage through a private company? I have none and so I have to pay for it all (eventually). I actually don’t really know what BC Medical covers/doesn’t cover.



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