Putting on the Thinking Cap (Again)

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Sometimes, life is just good.

Yesterday my boss at Job #1 hollered at me wondering when my coffee break is. Panicking that he was going to fire me because my three-month probation period had JUST ended, I told him. He told me he and one of the editors wanted to discuss something with  me. Cue a breath of relief from me.

As it turns out, one of the sub-editors (if that’s what you’d call her, I have no idea) , is looking for some help with freelancing. Woot! A plus is that I know how to use InDesign. Woot woot! So now I just have to email her some of my clips and go from there. The great thing is that I just packed them into a box this morning so I had to dig them out. That was a lot of work.

Anyway, I’m super excited to potentially getting back into writing again. I was a little worried that I would get rusty and essentially forget how to construct a good story. A plus is that it’s feature writing; Hard news is not really my forte. I’m really looking forward to pulling out the thinking cap and getting some writing done again. Yay  me! Which reminds me, I should probably dig out my voice recorder too, since it’s in a box as well. Ugh.

5 thoughts on “Putting on the Thinking Cap (Again)

  1. Oh that’s wicked! Hurray. And yay indesign!

    So it’s completely separate from your actual job?

    I think while hard news is harder to compile (ie chasing interviews, sources etc) it’s easier to write. Feature writing takes more thought and flair. Well, depending on the length, and the actual publication. I definitely wouldn’t feel up to writing, say, 2000 word features.


    • It’s within the same company but freelance because I’m not a staff reporter I guess. Still, I’m pretty excited :)

      And 2,000 word features would be horrible. I could barely write 2,000 word essays :P



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