Ten on Tuesday

1. What was/is your favorite live action (meaning not animated) kids movie?

I want to say that it was Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I think I watched it because it was 1/2 cartoon, 1/2 live action. I remember my mom covering my eyes at the end when the bad guy died. When I watched it a second time on my own, I didn’t think it was that bad.

2. What is a bad habit you have? Are you working on breaking it?

Laziness. I try to break it, but it’s hard. I’ve kind of grown up with being lazy. Did you know that the first time I ever mowed a lawn was last year? Yeah. I’m laaaaazy.

3. Describe your father in 3 words.

Chinese, random, amazing.

4. Which character in the Breakfast Club were you most like in the ’80s?

Was there a 1-5 year old in that movie, because that’s how old I was throughout the 80’s. But, if the 80’s were now, I’d say that I would be that geeky kid.

5. Name 5 songs you know ALL the lyrics to.

“Wanna Be” by the Spice Girls, “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “See You Again” by Miley Cyrus, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz and “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats. Don’t judge me.

6. Do you make pancakes from scratch or a box mix?

We’re big fans of Aunt Jemina’s recipe.

7. What was your worst job ever? Why?

I haven’t had any horrible jobs! Why? Because I’m incredibly selective and picky with where I want to work.

8. What was your favourite class in high school?

P.E. or Cooking.

9. Favourite summer guilty pleasure?

Reading for hours in the sunshine.

10. Please share your best money saving tip!

Give yourself an allowance out of your paycheck and hide your credit or debit cards, then only pay for what you have to (rent, gas, bills, etc.) When I was strapped for cash that’s what I did and it worked amazingly.

3 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Oh, and I completely read the first question wrong. I thought it was “What was the first non-animated kids movie you watched.”

    My favourite non-animated kids movie would have to be Homeward Bound.



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