I Remember in the Summer…

… My brother and I used to spend everyday at the pool up the street from our house in the summer.

… I would ride my bike downtown with my Dad and we’d get ice cream.

… We would spend hours by the river, fishing and swimming.

… My grandparents would take my brother and I camping.

… My parents would let me make a mud puddle in the garden and play it while they picked veggies.

… Nothing mattered except for the fact that I wasn’t in school for two amazing months.

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What’s your favourite memory of summer when you were growing up?

2 thoughts on “I Remember in the Summer…

  1. My parents made me pick the veggies – no playing in the garden allowed! Our backyward was big enough for my dad to make zigzag lines in the grass when he mowed – we called it our “wiggly wobbly trail” and we would pretend it was a maze. Even though the grass was barely tall enough to see the difference between the mown grass and the not mown grass … we had a blast!



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