Where the F is my Post?

So today was suppose to be “Post Day” for Bloggerstock, a new-ish blog swapping site that has people sign up and swap blogs once a month. I thought it would be great because I’d maybe gain some new readers and discover some new, awesome blogs all at the same time.

I, being the crazy, on-time kind of person that I am, wrote my post last week and emailed it away to my partner on time as I should have yesterday. Did I get any response from said person? Nope! Did I receive a post to put on my blog from anyone? Nope! Dammit it people! What’s wrong with you? If you commit to a blog swap, POST DAMMIT. So irritating!

Anyway, Alex, Bloggerstock organizer extraordinare, contacted me as he didn’t receive a post from his partner either. So now, instead of my original partner, my post is over on his page.

Go check it out!

In the meantime, hopefully someone sends me something to post on my page. I’m starting to lose hope in blog swapping. Back in March/April/Whenever the last 20SB Blog Swap was, I swapped with a girl and then a couple weeks later she outright deleted my post. Thanks!

If you want to learn more about Bloggerstock, there’s a button over in my sidebar →

Happy Wednesday otherwise! Tomorrow is Canada Day and I’m hanging out with my Mom at the park. If I get around to it, I’ll post photos Thursday night. If not, Monday it is!

And, What are your thoughts on Blog Swaps? Yay? Nay? Oy!?

One thought on “Where the F is my Post?

  1. I’m sorry! That is terrible. I think I’m going to stick with blog swaps with people I know.

    Firstly, because I have high standards.

    Secondly, because then I can straight up tell them that I don’t want half their post to be an introduction to who they are and how we know each other. Two sentences is all you need for that!

    Overall, my feelings on blog swapping are mixed but I’m starting to think they should be reserved for vacations and multi-day blog breaks.



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