Weekend in Photos

My weekend started on Thursday (well, not technically, but it felt like it with a little work in between!) with a quick brunch with B, her sister and Lilly while they were on their way back up to Fort St. John.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was slow and I had to rush through my meal, but it was great seeing little Lilly again. She’s too freaking cute, even though she spit up all over my work clothes. Thank God I live close to the restaurant so I could change before I left for work!

Love my little niece! <3

Friday was a bit of a write off for work, but I did keep busy in the morning with laundry, vacuuming with Edith (more on her in a post later this week!), and a coffee date with A.

On Saturday Kyle, my mom and I headed back to out hometown for the annual Rodeo and Parade. In a nutshell, Ashcroft’s population doubles during rodeo weekend and it’s absolutely a gong show. My mom’s side of the family all comes down, up and over to my grandparent’s place and we just drink, eat, laugh and have an amazing time. The parade is one of my favourite parts, so I’ll share some photos:

Delicious homemade bannock, a rodeo staple!

I'm afraid of horses, so this huge Clydesdale did not sit well with me!

The Hare Krishna's live just outside of town and they're always so happy and cheerful during the parade!

I didn’t go to the actual rodeo (I haven’t in years!) but my grandparents live right down the road from the grounds so we can here the hooting and hollering from the crowd and announcer.

Sunday I worked at the grocery store, so it was pretty uneventful!

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and tell me, Have you ever been to a rodeo?

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. I’ve been to a couple of small town rodeos since moving to Alberta, and I go to the Canadian Finals Rodeo every year :) I don’t like a lot of the events, I just go to watch the horses …



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