Flashback Friday: Graduating

Right now, a lot of the kids I work with at the grocery store are graduating high school. HIGH SCHOOL! This makes me feel old, very old, so I thought I’d take advantage of my writer’s block to present to you a flashback into my graduation ceremony and prom. Yay!

I graduated with a very small bunch of students. I think there was about 24 of us, with some of those kids just getting a “Okay, fine. You can graduate because we’re sick and tired of you” diploma. Not even kidding.

I was chosen out of maybe three people to be the valedictorian. Not because my grades were amazing (Because I nearly failed Math 12) but because I wrote an awesome essay on why I would be a good valedictorian. Go me!

That’s a crappy old photo of me doing my speech. What to know how terrified I was? EXTREMELY! Oh, and want to know why there’s snowflakes on the stage? Because our theme was Winter Wonderland. Hell yes! Ironic considering my hometown is a desert and it was at least 30° C outside. Pretty freaking hot for June. Oh, and that Ram on the wall is the school mascot. The Ashcroft Secondary School Rams. ASS Rams. ASS RAMS. Okay, moving on…

Prom was the day after the grad ceremonies and I spent the day getting my herr all did up. I now hate bobby pins and the taste of hairspray. My dress was big and poofy and matched the theme of our prom.

Look at how young we look! Haha, and my looking at the girls in the background, it seems that blue was a popular dress colour in 2004.

The great thing? I can still fit into my prom dress (if I suck it in and don’t breathe)!

Alright, so that concludes Flashback Friday. This weekend I’m actually heading out to Ashcroft for the annual rodeo. Yee-haw!

What was you high school grad/prom like?

One thought on “Flashback Friday: Graduating

  1. Our prom was lame. It was at the local golf club and my friends and I spent most of the night out on the balcony having fun with helium balloons, then went to camp out at one of the girls’ houses. She had a massive fish pond and the chemicals were out of wack so all the fish died and she hadn’t realized it when she invited us to stay there – so all night there was this awful smell that we later realized was rotting fish. Yuck! I wore a blue dress too! It was sparkley and wherever I went I left a trail of sparkles!



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