Friday Food: Hankerings!

I have no recipes to share this week. I’ve been working evenings and haven’t really had time to cook anything! Microwave dinners FTW. My ass is going to hate me.

Instead, I present to you the foods I’ve been craving. I swear I’m not pregnant, I’m just weird. I’ve posted about this one before.

  • Avocados, preferably in a salad. Shocking thing? I’m not a huge fan of guacamole.
  • A hamburger. A big, juicy, “OMG this can’t fit in my mouth”, hamburger.
  • Yam fries. Preferably on the side with my hamburger.
  • Indian food. I’m considering taking my Dad out for dinner for Father’s Day just so I can eat delicious Indian food.
  • Salmon. No one in my house is a fan of fish or seafood. :( I may have to buy single fillets for myself and BBQ them.
  • Artichoke dip. My mom actually bought this really yummy artichoke-jalapeño dip from Costco and I want some of my own. But again, no one in my house is a fan of spicy food. Stupid picky eaters!

I think that’s it for now. Tomorrow I’m off to Kelowna to visit my BFF and her baby girl. I’m pretty stoked! We’re going bridesmaid shopping/browsing since I’m going to be on of her bridesmaids next summer. Ironic considering my post on Wednesday.

Happy Friday everyone! Craving anything lately?

4 thoughts on “Friday Food: Hankerings!

  1. Oooh yes. I luuurve salmon (I don’t know why, it’s not even all that flavourful.) But it’s my fave fish! BF hates it though, so I only ever get it if we’re at a restaurant.



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