Pointing Out the Differences

I’ve been at my new job for just over a month now and I can’t help but notice the differences between the two, both positive and negative.

At the old job:

+ I could let my personality show a bit.
I felt pressured to know everything because of my degree
+ I had great camaraderie with my coworkers.
I sometimes felt my personal space was being invaded.
+ I was the youngest, but I could still relate with my coworkers.
It didn’t pay enough.

At the new job:

+ I feel that I have plenty of opportunity to grow within the company.
I have to hold back my ridiculously twisted sense of humour.
+ I’m not expected to know how to do everything in just a couple tries.
My coworkers are old school, but not in the Will Ferrell-cool kind of way.
+/- It pays great, but it’s not enough hours a week.

Really, I have no huge complaints about either. I loved my last job, and I love my current one, just for different reasons. I miss the group of gals I worked with at my old job and I don’t think I’ll be able to develop the same kind of relationship with the news ones. There’s just a greater age difference at the new job.

It’s hard not to compare jobs, especially when they’re in the same industry. I just hope this new job brings me the opportunities that are available there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Waaaay crossed.

Do you compare old and new jobs? Any regrets about leaving one?

2 thoughts on “Pointing Out the Differences

  1. I LOVE the job that I have now! Granted, I just started full-time and maybe I won’t love it in 6 months or a year, but right now I do. The days go by fast, I get along great with my co-workers and I feel a good balance of challenged but not STRESSED.

    I think it’s normal to compare your jobs though – especially now that we are in our CAREERS! I don’t plan on staying at my current job forever and I’m sure once I start a new one in a few years I will compare them!


    • lol – I always find I love my new jobs for the first little while and eventually it wears off and just becomes “work”. Maybe it’s the thrill of something new wearing off?



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