It’s Wedding Season!

Which means, I hate life.

Not that I’m anti-wedding or anything, because I love the flowers, the dresses, the party, etc., but I hate having to read/hear about everyone’s nuptial plans. It gets nauseating.

Last summer/over the years I’ve blocked people from my main news feed on Facebook just so I didn’t have to read shiz like, “OMG I FOUND THE PERFECT RED TONE FOR MY FLOWERS” or “OMGZZZZ I’M GOING TO BE MRS. (insert dude’s last name here) IN LIKKE 5 MONTHS!!!” Yeah, I know. Yeah, everyone else knows. No, not everyone wants to hear about it.

Maybe I’m bitter because last year Kyle was in a wedding party and the bride (who I was “okay” friends with”) did everything she could to make me miserable. I went with Kyle to the rehearsal and had to leave because I started crying. Maybe it was jealousy, but I couldn’t stand it. Then, the groom’s mom/the groom (and one of Kyle’s oldest friends) asked me to convert some weird Mac photo slideshow into a PC friendly version because the reception hall didn’t have a Mac friendly overheard projector. I slaved all night stressing over this ridiculously long slideshow and eventually got it working, but the bitch-whore bride didn’t even thank me. Or maybe she did, but it was definitely insincere. Blaaaah.

I wonder if this outlook of mine will change when I get to be a part of a wedding next summer. Who knows. I can picture myself standing up at the alter with the bride, bawling harder than her. Oy.

Whenever Kyle and I get engaged (which will happen after we buy a house/when Kyle finds somewhere to keep me, lol) I am going to try to completely avoid bombarding everyone with wedding details. There’s gotta be people out there who get as sick and tired as I when it comes to weddings.

Please tell me I’m not the only one.

5 thoughts on “It’s Wedding Season!

  1. Never been to a wedding. Most of my friends are still pretty young and none are in commited relationships…most likely we’ll be the first at this rate! But SO many bloggers are engaged/married – makes me almost want to run out and tie the knot :P

    But seriously, shoot me if I start fussing about stupid shite like flower arrangements and colour schemes. All I really care about is the music, the food and a pretty dress. Wedding planning, honestly, sounds like my worst nightmare.


  2. The majority of my posts with wedding-related topics are purely for the enjoyment of my six aunts who read my blog.

    If my blog weren’t so censored I would write about how much I hate wedding planning, my time is better spent watching bad reality tv. How my older sister thinks the whole day is about her and she’s selfish. And how much I just want to go get married on a beach without all these ridiculous idiots around.

    gah, felt good to say that.


    • Glad you could vent, lol!

      I don’t so much mind reading about people’s weddings on blogs, because I think bloggers are way more entertaining that silly Facebook updates. And they use better grammar when talking about them. Maybe that’s why I hate them. People use poor grammar to explain what’s going on …



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