Victoria Day Vlog

At first I thought about just taking a day off of blogging because today is a holiday here in Canada, but then I thought I’d try my hand at my very first vlog! Oh the humanity!

As I may or may not have mentioned in the past, I have the ugliest furniture known to mankind. It’s so fugly but I can’t get rid of it because it’s Kyle’s mom’s. Yay to having a place to live, boo to not being able to use my own furniture.

Kyle and I actually have out own couch and chair in the basement, but we’ve never bothered to bring it upstairs because we were afraid of Kyle’s cat (when it was alive) getting hair all over it. (I’m somewhat allergic)

Anyway, I present to you my very first vlog!

Hope you enjoyed the delightful insight into my humble abode! I hope all my Canadian readers had an awesome May Long Weekend and that my US readers have a good one coming up! :)

Do YOU have a piece of furniture that you’re ashamed to show?

6 thoughts on “Victoria Day Vlog

  1. The video is telling me that it’s private and I have to accept your friend request.
    Which makes me sad, I was excited to see your ugly furniture. I mean, your pretty face :)


      • I used to think that Stephen and his roommate had the ugliest green plaid couch ever. I think your couch/chair wins, but just by a little bit. I wouldn’t let the green plaid into our condo though, we took that straight to the dump!


  2. Our couch is 30+ years old and is poo brown. It belonged to my husband’s mom before she got married. Nathan absolutely LOVES it and refuses to get rid of it, even though there are broken springs and I think it’s ugly. Sigh.


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