Reflecting on the final year

It has been approximately one year since I finished my undergrad degree. ONE YEAR! It’s hard to believe that I’ve been out here in the real world, doing my thang for a year already.

My last year of university was a whirlwind, to say the least. I started my job as one of the news editors for the university paper, I met Canada’s Green Party leader, I moved in with Kyle, I travelled east for the first time and I partied hard, all while completing my degree!

These photos are from September 2008, when the federal election was going on here in Canada. A group of us went out to practice our die-hard journalism skills, staying up until 1 a.m. to meet and scrum with Canada’s Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May. (The Green Party is more or less the “Environmental” party of Canada) It was also Melissa’s birthday, so we celebrated that as well!

We had a pretty awesome Christmas party for the school newspaper, enjoying delicious tapas and drinks before heading to the boss’s house to play a little DDR and Guitar Hero like the nerds we truly are!

After the new year and barely a week into the new (and final!) semester, the gang from the newspaper ventured to the Canadian Prairies to visit freezing cold Saskatoon for the Canadian University Press Conference. I shall warn you now, the entire trip was more drinking and partying than learning about the paper, but Melissa and I did tour the Saskatoon StarPhoenix, which was pretty awesome, and we saw some odd sights, like a statue of Ghandi. Also, I realized that I know I’m drunk when I start flashing random hand signals and gang signs. In this case, it was “W” for “Wizard”, the nickname we lovingly gave the horrible DJ at the wind up gala.

Finally, there was the Year End party, filled with singing, dancing, drinking and good times. I sure miss these people sometimes but I bump into them from time to time. Oh, and I also discovered I act like a pirate sometimes. Oh, and did I mention horrible U-Brew wine sipped from coffee mugs?

Yep, those were the days! Do I miss school? Sometimes, but somethings are better left as memories :)

TRU Journalism Grads, 2009

Do you ever miss school, if you’re not in it anymore? If you’re not, do you think you will?

2 thoughts on “Reflecting on the final year

  1. The only thing I really miss about university is that whole not having a care in the world feeling. If I didn’t want to get up to go to class – I didn’t! I didn’t have a job (aside from school) so life was really pretty laid back in those days. I miss that!


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