Ten on Tuesday

Here’s another edition of Ten on Tuesday, brought to you by Roots and Rings!

1.  What book, movie or song has made you want to travel to a particular place? (eg. I went to Prince Edward Island because I was such a Anne of Green Gables fan)

I read Dear John by Nicolas Sparks and it made me want to visit the East Coast! Right now I’m reading a book called “Shanghai Girls” by Lise See and it really makes me want to visit China even more.

2. Aside from your significant other, who would you want to take with you on a dream trip?

My Mommy :)

3. Where would said dream trip be to?

Somewhere luxurious, warm and tropical, definitely.

4. If you were hosting guests or providing tips, what three things would you show visitors to your hometown? (be it where you live now or where you grew up)

The Farmer’s Market, the Wildlife Park and the cupcake store! At the Wildlife Park, you’ll learn that the “Deer/Moose X-Ing” signs on the road mean “Watch out!” rather than “This is a good place to spot BC wildlife.” I’m not even joking!

5. If you had a long weekend ahead of you, where you head – beach, city or country/mountains?

The country! I’m feeling a little worn out, so a little R&R would be very welcome right now!

6. Do you have a passport? If so, did you get it for a particular trip or just to have, in case?

I don’t :( It’s been on my “To do” list for quite a while but I haven’t gotten around to it.

7. Are there any travel souvenirs you collect? If not, is there something else you collect?

I’ve tried collecting lots of things, but they never pan out. I’ve done Thimbles (thanks to my Grandma), drink coasters (again, my Grandma!), magnets and shot glasses, but I don’t have a huge collection of anything. It’s all just clutter now. Except for maybe the shot glasses. Now those I use! ;)

8. If you could name a paint colour, what colour would it be and what would you call it?

It would be yellow and be called Asian. Haha!

9. If you were heading away for a weekend citybreak solo, where would you go? (forget about practicality here and flight times, assume you can get to any city in the world for the weekend)

I’d say Vancouver. I know where everything is and I know exactly what I’d do. Anywhere else, it would take me more than a weekend!

10. Is there a song or a smell or something that you strongly associate with a particular holiday/place/time, such that it always takes you back?

Angel Food cake! It reminds me of my Grandparents. My Grandma always makes an Angel Food cake for everyone’s birthday (if they’re in town), topped with ice cream, strawberries, whipped cream and sprinkles! It’s probably one of my favourite childhood memories. :)

Annnnnnd today is my Mom’s birthday! Happy Birthday Mommy! <3

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. I haven’t read “Dear John” yet but it’s on my list! My Sunday night small group has nights devoted entirely to coming up with names for paint colours ~ midnight beige is one of the favourites :)



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