This is me in April

This month….

I like: that things are starting to look up at my job, even though it’s slow going.

I don’t like: that the weather is still so cold!

I want you to know: that my birthday is in just over a month! (32 days to be exact!)

I’ve planned: a list of 96 in 1096, and I’m pretty excited to start it!

I want to say to someone special: I’m so glad you guys are back from snowbirding and can’t wait to see you this week! <3

Do you have any special plans for April?And did the Easter Bunny come to visit??

2 thoughts on “This is me in April

    • I bought myself a chocolate bunny a while ago but only ate half. It was great at first but then tasted like cardboard :( I guess that’s what happens when you buy at Wal-Mart! lol



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