WTF Friday 3.0

I shall warn you now that this is a rant and I am writing this to just help myself calm down. It’s probably, for the most part, incoherent. Now that warnings have been issued, welcome to another edition of WTF Friday!

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Yesterday at work, a guy called my office to complain about the material in the paper. Not just any material, but my column. MY column. The column I kill myself over trying to think of shit to write about until an hour before deadline. The column a ton of people have told me they love reading. You know what, asshole? FUCK YOU. I’d like to see you try and write a column every fucking week when there’s nothing exciting going on.

I’ve realized that he’s called NUMEROUS times in the past after *69ing his ass. Once he complained because there were no photos of men in the paper, except for two ads. Are you kidding me??? This time, he called to tell me that I talk about my personal life too much and that I should write more about current events. He used the column I wrote about the new cellphone while driving ban that happened not too long ago. Well, Buster, I wrote about that because it affected me. This week I wrote about my addiction to coffee. Would you prefer me write about the inflation rates of coffee or some BS like that? I doubt it. If I find an issue boring or uninteresting, I’m not writing about it and even my boss has a hard time convincing me to.

I wonder if he understands the concept of our newspaper. We’re not political. We don’t run stories on who’s dropping out of the political race, which politician is for what policies or what kind of issues are going on at City Hall. We stay out of the “He Said, She Said” bullshit as much as we can. We market ourselves as a “good news” newspaper and we like to try and keep it that way, no matter how depressing the City may be at times.

So really, I’m just trying to say that, if you don’t like my shit, no one is forcing you to read it. Skip the page if it bothers you so much. I will keep writing about whatever I please. My boss has never told me that my writing is too self-involved and if she wanted me to write about something else, she would. Like for next week’s paper, I wrote about Kamloops’ huge Earth Hour fail after she suggested I write about it and told me some quick facts. Had I not found it interesting, I wouldn’t have wrote about it.

Okay, I’m done bitching. For now. Usually I can take criticism but apparently not at the moment. Come on skin, get thicker. If only I could actually tell him “Fuck off”.

How do you deal with people criticizing you?

On a completely different note, I’m looking for someone to create a nifty WTF Friday button so I don’t have to keep stealing the WTF kitteh from the interwebs. Email me if you want to help! :)

2 thoughts on “WTF Friday 3.0

    • Thanks Amber! It* is* just part of the job and I don’t know why I let it get to me so badly! At least he fueled the fire and gave me something to write about in my column! Ha!



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