Too much of a good thing

First off, I love my friends. No matter what, they’re always there for me.  I have some of the best girl friends that a person could ask for!

With that being said, I prefer to see my friends every once in a while rather than 3 or 4 times a week. I feel that you have more to talk about and the time is better spent catching up. Two of my best friends are a) Insanely busy with school and b) Lives 12 hours away. I have seen Friend A two or three times since the beginning of the year because she’s an amazingly dedicated student and put her heart and soul into her education, way more than I ever could! I accept that and know that when she has time, we’ll get together. Friend B, well, since she lives so far away and my schedule is crazy, it’s extremely hard to see each other, but when we do, we have the best laughs and times. Not seeing her for such a long period of time makes me appreciate our friendship more when we’re together.

Another friend, Friend C, I see all the time because she’s dating The Roommate. I used to see her every couple weeks or so for coffee dates, and that was fabulous. Now I see her at least 3 times a week and it gets to be a little much. When I’m with my friends I try to be pleasant so I’m not coming off as a bitch. I find myself trying to be pleasant when I don’t want to be. Seeing her more often has made me notice more things that irritate me about her, things that usually wouldn’t bother me because I don’t spend extended amounts of time with her.

I don’t know if I’m just being cranky, but I’m growing tired of seeing her here all. the. time. The Roommate won’t go to her house because she lives with her parents still. I’ve noticed I’m ignoring her more and not playing on our inside jokes anymore. It’s like she’s migrated from being my friend to my roommates girlfriend.

Maybe I’m just being selfish. I quite liked it just being Kyle, Roommate, and I. The other night we went to the UFC fights and she came along too, not because she  enjoys the UFC events, but because she was Roommate’s “arm candy.” She didn’t understand anything and didn’t enjoy the fights.

One day, while she was here, I just went to my room and watched a movie by myself, and it felt amazing. I know she’s not here to see me, so why should I be the one who entertains her while Roommate naps? (Yeah, NAPS) I shouldn’t have to keep her company, especially when I don’t feel like hanging out with anyone.

My question to you, my amazing blogging friends, Am I over reacting? I don’t to seem like a huge beotch, but when I have to be pleasant at both of my jobs, it’s nice to just be alone and not have to have a conversation at home.

7 thoughts on “Too much of a good thing

  1. I don’t think you’re overreacting at all! If your roommate has her over, it’s his job to entertain her – not yours, even if she is one of your friends. If you wanted to entertain her you would have invited her over. I don’t spend a huge amount of time with my friends either (life’s busy these days!) but I’m completely fine with that – when we DO get together, it’s that much better, because we actually have things to do or talk about instead of just sitting there, staring blankly at the TV!


  2. Over the summer, I moved in with Stephen and his roommate. Naturally, I brought over my friends to hang out, and eventually, a girl that I was just beginning to become friends with started dating the roommate. I started freaking out a little bit because I didn’t want to have to entertain her or even clean my apartment because she was coming over. Since the roomie worked late evening shifts, he would give her the key to our apartment and she would just come hang out until he got home. (I actually used to do the same thing before I moved in, but no one was ever home, so it wasn’t a big deal) I got really annoyed quite quickly with having to entertain her while roomie was at work. I had no desire to interrupt my night of relaxation just to watch a movie with her and have her talk the whole damn time. I started making plans to be out if I knew she was coming over.
    The most awkward thing was the first time she slept over. The next morning, roomie was still sleeping, but she woke up and came out because she heard Stephen and I awake. I had to make her coffee, feed her breakfast and get her a towel so she could shower. As soon as she left, I told roomie to buy her towel and wake up earlier next time, because I really didn’t want to do that again.
    Thankfully I moved before it got even more serious. I would have died.
    Just have an honest talk with your roomie, he should be understanding!


    • I wish talking to him would be easy! It’s tough because him and Kyle and SUPER good friends. It’s like a bromance. She’s suppose to be moving eventually, so who knows what will happen then. I’m sure I can tough it out.


  3. Your situation sucks. As a cranky person who hates spending extended periods of time with anybody, I completely understand. But I also understand how you can’t exactly tell Friend C to get lost without hurting her feelings. Ah, friendships. Tricky things.


    • That’s not my issue though. Friend C is dating the Roommate, so sometimes I have to entertain Friend C while Roommate is sleeping, napping, what have you, when I shouldn’t have to. Friend C doesn’t come over to visit me.

      Friend A is busy with school at the moment and Friend B lives 13 hours away, so it’s not like I can spend time with them anyway. I’m not complaining about how I don’t spend time with them, but how often and how tired I am of seeing Friend C.



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